Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  I need masonry work done, what is your process? 

A:  First we schedule an onsite visit to learn about your masonry issue. We assess your situation and make recommendations incorporating the original structure/landscape design direction. We have a collaborative process blending your needs with our years of experience. We pull measurements and dimensions, select material, create the design, and quote the project. Approved design/quote goes to a signed contract stage. One week prior to start date – the materials deposit is due. We charge incremental payments based on the estimated completion date of the project with final payment due upon completion.


Q:  We just purchased an older home and the home inspector noted concerns about using the fireplace. What can you do to help?

A:  First we schedule an onsite visit to inspect the status of both the exterior of your chimney and the interior. As a HeatShield® certified contractor, we provide a free inspection of the inside of your chimney using a specialized camera to find cracks in the smoke chamber. Based on the results we will be able to give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done.


Q:  We have an older home with an antique block foundation for basement walls that are deteriorating. What needs to be done to restore the foundation walls?

A:  We start by performing a mortar analysis for historic preservation and inspecting the existing blocks to see if any of the blocks need replacing. Our restoration work replaces damaged blocks, tuckpointing with the right mortar match, and mortaring both inside and the outside of exposed block for structural soundness.


Q:  We have a creek stone retaining wall that got hit by a car. Can you match the creek stone to repair the wall?

A:  Yes, we have access to all kinds of creek stone and have years of experience of rebuilding creek stone walls back to their original appearance.


Q:  We have a large limestone retaining wall from the turn of the century that needs restoration. Do you know how to restore it properly with authentic squared off convex mortar joints?

A:  Yes, we have repaired these types of walls throughout the region for many years. We take great pride in meeting the strict approval of the Historic Preservation Society when it comes to replicating turn of the century masonry.